Economic and Community Development for Chicago’s Near Westside

Executive Board
George Aralis
Quality Food Products

Michael Burg
American Chartered Bank

George Dervenis
Columbus Meats

Aesha Muhammad El-Amin
Haymarket Center

Alison Freidheim
Cougle Commission

Steve Huerkes
Morreale Meat

Jim Lustman
Economy Packing

Louis Manis
Peoria Packing

Scott Mier
MB Financial Bank

Casey Milligan
Pioneer Wholesale Meats

Melissa Otte
Maloney, Cunningham & Devic

Eric Nealey
Nealey Foods

Kaite Van Vlymen
Four Star Foods

Roger Romanelli
Executive Director

Steven Garrett
Administrative Assistant
Market Association
942 W. Fulton St.
Chicago IL 60607
Phone: (312) 243-0822
Fax: (312) 829-4743
RFMA also serves the Kinzie Industrial CorridorTax Increment Finance District bordered by:
Grand Avenue – North
Washington Blvd.– South
Halsted Street – East
Kedzie Avenue – West
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RFMA is a U.S. certified non-profit agency for economic and community development.  
We serve all businesses, property owners and residents on Chicago's Near Westside
which includes the Randolph/Fulton Market, West Loop and Kinzie Industrial Corridor.  
Also, we serve business and real estate partners throughout Chicagoland.

RFMA’s Near Westside service area is bordered by:
Grand Avenue – North
Madison Street – South
Halsted Street – East
Ashland Avenue – West
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Executive Board
2nd Tuesdays at 1p.m.
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Membership Luncheon

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13th Annual
“Taste of Randolph/
Fulton Market”
October 2015
Economic Development
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Kinzie Corridor TIF
Oversight Committee
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West Loop Residents
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